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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Sophomore Year Part 1: Fall Semester, Came and Went

WOW. I'm already done with my sophomore year of college. It's crazy how time has flown by. This year has been a lot more fun and definitely more eventful.

Fall Semester

Earn Your Wings

First off I helped with Earn Your Wings. I was apart of the Student Life Committee. Pretty much it was a party the whole time. There are theme days: crazy outfit, sunglasses, western, and white out. I participated in the EYW volleyball tournament. Andrew, Preston, and I put a team together and we won first place!

First Lady's Tea- Late Night Breakfast

My roommates, Abbie and Rachel, and I helped with the First Lady's Tea. But before that we took a little photo shoot on Photo booth. We all also took a picture with the new President at the late night breakfast.


Now it's rush time! Rush was such a fun time of my semester! There were so many different rush events that I attended with my friends. There was Masquerade , Woody's Round Up, Up Movie Night, and Speed Dating.
Masquerade: This event was at Andee Wayne's grandparents house. Their house was so amazing and beautiful. It even has a brochure that showcases the house and explains every room and the history of the house. The food was wonderful also. They had it catered. It was so much fun getting dressed up with all of the girls and meet more Gamma members.

Woody's Round Up: This one was just a laid back event. It was with the men of Chi. We were in Edmond COC's gym and had food and a pie eating contest. This was also on the day of Andrew and I's one year anniversary which he got me a beautiful ring! :)

Up Movie Night and Speed Dating: We went to Mrs. Debbie Thomas' house for a movie night. They set up a big screen in the backyard and we had popcorn of all different flavors! Speed dating was the interviews for Gamma. We went around the tables in a small group and answered different silly and serious questions they asked.

A tradition that Gamma rushee's have it to dress up for the big Gamma v Theta softball game. I got a group of girls together and we dressed up and made shirts for the game!

I got in Gamma! After chapel on the Friday ending rush we got letters in our mailbox to say if we got in club! The letters we received were rainbow and were each personalized. That night was induction night and we found out what families the new Gammies were in. I'M A JOBE. The best family around. :)

One Year Anniversary

The weekend of our one year anniversary, we went back to Arkansas with my family and went to the Arkansas football game.

We also went to an OU game with Laura and Steven!


We finally got to celebrate our one year two weekend after we got back from Arkansas! We were just so busy it was hard for us to find time to celebrate it! We also celebrate Andrew's birthday too.

Chi Fall Banquet

Chi's fall banquet every year is a Crescent football game. The kids and fans love it when we come. It is their biggest crowd of the season. We go there and tailgate before the game. This year it was pretty windy and cold, but it was a fun time with all my friends!

Gamma Fall Banquet

Gamma's Fall Banquet was a Thunder game! It was such a fun banquet. It was my second Thunder game I've been to and it was really awesome! We rode up there with Jordan, Bryan, Natalie, and Michael.

Intramural Football

I played intramural football for gamma! We made it to the championship and we won!


The homecoming theme this year was Board Games. We were Chutes and Ladders. We dressed up as little kids, soccer players, board game pieces, and all kids of things that goes with the games. We won first place! During the weekend, there was an Alumni Event and I got to meet past Jobes!

Girls Night!

Every time we have a girls night nail polish always comes out! We painted our nails and had a little photo booth photo shoot.


We had such amazing food, we decorated for Christmas, and went to an Arkansas football game. I love decorating the house in Christmas decorations. It's my favorite time of the year and I love helping my mom  with it. We always have tons and tons of food we eat and tons and tons of leftover. It is definitely the best food ever.

Lighting of the Commons

I LOVE it when the commons is light. It's so pretty. Seeing Christmas lights are my favorite. It was nice being able to enjoy it with my friends this year.

Volleyball, Friend Christmas, and Jobe Reunion

I also played intramural volleyball. It was SO much fun playing with these girls. We made it to the championship and won! It was such a good game! Jordan, Kaitlin, and Ryan and apart of an adoptive family at Memorial Road COC. Each Christmas their adoptive parents throw a Christmas party for them and their friends. It was wonderful as always. The whole first semester one of our Jobe sisters studied abroad to Europe. She finally came back and we all went to greet her!

Gamma Christmas Party and Night with Andrew: 

For the Christmas progressive dinner we were each in groups that went to different houses for the appetizer and main meal. Then for dessert we meet back at OC for the panty exchange. After the party, Andrew and I went to BJ's for a dessert!

Christmas Lights: 

I LOVE CHRISTMAS LIGHTS. Oklahoma City has some of the best Christmas lights I have ever seen. They are so pretty and they are every where! Andrew and I have gone looking at the Christmas lights the last two years. 

Branson Trip: 

The weekend after finals week my parents, Andrew and I went to Branson for a weekend! We saw the Haygood's and went to Silver Dollar City! Andrew was so great in letting me take as many pictures as I wanted with him. We went to Silver Dollar City and rode a couple rides and saw the lights! We saw the Haygood's and they were amazing as always. It was such a funny time because of everything that happened. Andrew tweeted before the show about the Haygood's and how he wanted to see Dixie Stampede and how he wanted Pat to shake his hand like last time. During the show multiple of the Haygood's came and shook his hand and Tim even gave Andrew a shout out before intermission. We exchanged gifts also! Andrew got me a Shutterfly book of our summer trips which were the Lake and the Beach. He also got me a Thunder t-shirt and an ornament. The ornament was a glass ball with sand from the beach in it with crushed up seashells and a picture of us in there. I got him a button up and cords.

Girls Night

I love being able to come home and hang out with my high school girls! I miss them a lot during the school year and I always look forward to the time I get to spend with them. This time they came over and we built a chocolate gingerbread house!


Christmas is always my favorite time. I just love being able to get together with my WHOLE family. We always laugh, chat about old times, and just eat a lot of good food! This year we took family pictures together and they turned out great! Some of us also played apples to apples. It was SO much fun and there were definitely some funny cards that came up.

Surprise! and New Years: 

Over break Andrew and I decided that I would come down for New Years! After Christmas Meagan just stayed a week because Dustin was coming up. The weekend before I was going to go to OKC, Dustin came back down and was meeting us at P.F. Changs. While we were waiting, Meagan and I went around looking at the mall. When we walked in I saw Andrew hiding behind my dad! I was so excited!! He totally got me. After the weekend we drove back to OKC and spent New Years there. We went to Cheesecake Factory for dinner and then went to Meagan and Dustin's to ring in the new years! 

Babysitting My Girls: 

I LOVE babysitting these girls. Brooklyn and Mallory have such a special place in my heart. They are such fun girls and I love being able to spend time with them. We played princess hopscotch, dance party, and dress up!

After I babysat, I was heading back to OC in the next couple of days for my second semester of my sophomore year!

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