I love each day because God chose me, Jesus saved me, and the Holy Spirit guides me daily.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Finals Are Finally Over

Finals are finally over! YAY! Who am I kidding, my finals weren't even that bad. I only had three and there were on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. So my first finals week ever was pretty easy. Now I'm just waiting to see my final grades. Yes I'm the student that checks every hour to see if they are posted yet. This past weekend before finals was really fun! It was open dorm on Friday, so Kendra and I went over to Andrew and Ryan's dorm and watch a movie. We watched Justin Bieber Never Say Never. It is safe to say that Andrew now loves Justin Bieber. He has Beiber fever. The next day I went over to Andrew's sister's house with him and his parents and his brother and his girlfriend. It was a lot of fun spending time with them! We ate and played games and they got me a Christmas gift. It was a really fun and busy weekend. Right now I am packing up for break. Its so overwhelming. Not only do I have to pack to just go home for three weeks, but I have to pack for Walt Disney World too! I'm so excited to go! I can't wait. Well I guess that's all for now, but I'll be posting about Walt Disney World soon! YAYAYAYAY! :)

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Skip Skipppyyy!

A couple months ago Corey and Amber got a little puppy and I am in love with him. He is the cutest puppy ever and really makes me want one. The whole plan was for both of us to get a puppy. I was going to get Tinkerbelle and she was going to get Skip. Well the parents said no so at least one of us got to get one.

Here's Tinkerbelle and Skip

Now looking back I not as sad  with not getting Tinkerbelle. I still love just having Skip in the family. 

Here are some of my Skip favorites. Which is pretty much all of them...

Yes yes, I know. He's just the cutest dog ever. 

Friday, December 2, 2011

Thanksgiving Break

This year for Thanksgiving we went to Branson again. But this year was different. I got to bring a "significant other" rather than a friend like my siblings always get to do! Here's some pictures from the Branson trip. 

On the tram to Silver Dollar City (SDC)
The Family (minus mom who is taking the picture) at the Haygoods
The kids at the Dixie Stampede
Andrew and I at the Dixie Stampede

Throughout the whole week we went to SDC, saw the Haygoods and Dixie Stampede and of course we shopped and shopped! It was fun to take a break away from school and hang out with the family.

And I'm Back!

Whatttt? It has been a WHOLE year since I last posted? It definitely doesn't seem that long. SO much has happened in a year. I finished my senior year, had a super busy summer, and now have started a new chapter in my life called college. And yes, I'm having the time of my life. The highlights of my senior year were definitely my vacations ,of course, to Branson, Walt Disney World/Cruise, NOLA and all of my volleyball trips. School was okay I guess, I was just over it and ready to go to college. My volleyball traveling team this year wasn't the best I've been on, but I think it has been the most fun I've had off the court with my team. The girls were so much fun and I loved all the trips and dinners we all went on. Oh and good news, I graduated.

Then summer came and went. I usually have super busy summers but this summer was one of the busiest yet. It started with me going to my last Uplift as a camper. Then a day after that going straight to Oklahoma Christian for my brother's wedding. It was such a pretty wedding and I'm so happy that Amber is officially in my family. A couple days after that we headed off to Nationals in ATL. I loved this trip just because I loved being with my team and being crazy like always. We didn't do so well in the standings, but it was fun to just play the game I love. A couple weeks after we got back from ATL I was on the road again. This time to Colorado for Wilderness Trek. This was an amazing experience and it was what I needed before heading off to college. It was physically tough but so worth it. After Trek we went to ATL again for Camp Wetoga. This trip gets me every year. As much trouble and hard work this camp is, it is way worth it in the end. After Camp Wetoga was Green Valley. It was a sad week because it was my last week as a camper at Green Valley. It wasn't as sad as I thought it was going to be though because I know that I can go back at anytime.

Which now brings me to college. I LOVE COLLEGE. Really It is so much fun and a great experience. I'm having the time of my life. Yes I know your first question is, "Well how are your grades? Are you focusing on school too?" Of course I am! I have pretty good grades too! I mean It might be later than usual that I start working on my homework at night.. But better late than never, am I right? But that isn't how it always is. I do like going to the library and doing my homework in there too! Yes, I've truly turned into a college student. I don't like going a day without taking a nap. I loooove my nap time. (Which is what I'm supposed to be doing right now by the way..) Well the year started off with EYW. It was pretty fun and I definitely want to help with it next year. I met a lot of people and have many friends from it. I also made many friends from Freshmen Fanfare. The theme was I Will Make A Freshman Out of You. It was a fun show to be in and was pretty good at the same time. I have also participated in all of the intramural sports so far. In softball and football the freshmen girls have gotten third. Its pretty good. I'm not complaining. I have my freshman friends, but I mainly hang out with sophomores and my roommate. Me and my roommate, Kendra, have really hit it off. We're so much alike and we always have fun. We've definitely been through a lot and tell each other EVERYTHING. Its great! Yes yes, the moment you guys have all been waiting for, I have a boyfriend. Andrew and I were official September 14 and its been great ever since! He's such a good guy and he's a sweetie. He actually went to Branson with the fam this thanksgiving break and it was really good! He fits in pretty well. :)

Well like I said, this is my nap time and I'm tired. It feels good to be back and hopefully I'll remember to update this thing more often!