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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Sophomore Year Part 2: Spring Semester, Came and Went

This past semester just flew by! I was so busy all the time and loved every bit of it! One of my best friends, Caitlin, came back from Disney World this semester! She did the college program and Walt Disney World and got to hang out with some characters down there! I was so happy when she came back and I'm so glad she's my friend! We obviously had a great reunion! She brought me back a Disney shirt and Mickey Ears!

Spring Rush

The semester started out with Spring Rush. We had a Zumba night! We dressed up in crazy clothes and worked out and danced!

Bachelor Watch Party

This semester a group of us girls had a Bachelor watch parties every monday night and watched the Bachelor! We were determined to get Sean's attention! We made theme nights every night and made sure we tweeted out. Our first night we just watched the show. Our first theme night was the second week. It was Dress to Impress. Theme night 2 was K-State Night. Theme night 3 was Slumber Party with Sean. And last but not least theme night 4 was Salsa with Sean. After all of our tweets to Sean and Chris, Chris Harrison finally tweeted us back! We were so happy!! It was such a good time to spend with my girls.

Andrew and I went over to Meagan and Dustin's one night and made homemade pizza and cookies! It was so much fun cooking together.

First snow and Twins!

Valentine's day: 

This year for Valentine's Day, Andrew took me to a very nice restaurant called Sophabella's. It was SO good. We got spinach dip for an appetizer and I got a pasta for my meal. When we got there and sat down, there were flowers and a glass jar of candy waiting there for me. It was so sweet. I made him a 52 Reasons Why I Love You deck of cards. After we ate, we went to the movies and saw Safe Haven. While we were there we saw Meagan and Dustin and some of their friends so we sat with them! Also as a Valentine's Day gift from my parents, the kids went to eat at Charleston's on Mickey.

Birthday Celebrations! 

For the actual day on my birthday I had to study for a test so Andrew and I were just going to go grab some food. When I got there to pick him up, he told me to come upstairs for a minute. He surprised me and cooked me poppyseed chicken! It was so sweet of him! For my birthday dinner with my group of friends we kind of had a combined party for Peyton and I's birthday. We went to Olive Garden then to BJ's after for dessert!

Spring Sing

Ohhh Spring Sing. I love Spring Sing. This year's theme was The Wonderful World of OC, which is all disney themes. Gamma was Jessie from Toy Story. Chi was Winnie the Pooh and Christopher Robin. The Freshmen were Finding Nemo and Dory. I was only in half of the show this year. Gamma has so many member who participate in Spring Sing, not every can fit on the stage. So because of that Sophomores are only in half of the show. I loved our show! It was so much fun to be in. We even had a stunt that I got to be apart of! I was the back spot for Caitlin's stunt. Chi Lambda Phi got first place and Gamma Rho got second. The Freshmen got fourth which hasn't happened since 2008! 

Spring Break

For Spring Break I did a couple of things! I went home for the first part of the week and Morgan rode home with me. That weekend, Andrew's sister and mom stayed at our house for a wedding. We went to an arkansas baseball game that night and Meagan met us there. That Saturday we got to go meet baby Levi. On Sunday, my mom, Meagan and I went to Branson for a girls trip! We went to Lambert's Cafe, Dixie Stampede, and shopped around. When we got back we also went to Mister B's for Meagan and I's first time ever!

After we came back from Branson, I was heading back to OKC to head to the lake! We decided to take a lake trip towards the end of Spring Break. Andrew, Jordan, Peyton, Kyle, Ryan and I were the ones who went to the lake! It was too cold to actually go out on the lake so we stayed inside and played games and snacked on food most the time! We plays so much nerts! We were constantly playing and made it to 2000 score. We played girls vs boys and of course, the girls won! We also made s'mores too. 

Gamma Spring Banquet

Our banquet was western theme, but not everyone really went by that. Peyton, Kyle, Jordan, Ty, Andrew and I rode over there together. The guys each brought us one rainbow rose because of Gamma! It was so sweet of them. The banquet was at Cattleman's Steakhouse. It was really good and such a fun time. There was an award's part too and I got MVP in volleyball!


For Easter we went to Andrew's house. We went to North Mac and then to his house after for lunch. Caitlin also came along with Preston. It was a fun time together!

Meagan's Birthday

For Meagan's birthday we went to Cheesecake Factory. Of course, Adam tagged along too. Amber didn't get to come because she was in Europe!


I love puppies! During a week of school, Andrew, Peyton, Kyle and I decided to go to the Animal Shelter and play with puppies. They were all so cute. Now I want every one of them. Well at least one. I just want a puppy.

Weekend at Home

Andrew and I decided to go home one weekend. Since we have season passes, we went to Silver Dollar City for a day! While we were there Ryan and Kelcy were there too! That night we came back and went to dinner at P.F. Changs. 

Girls Weekend

I finally got to have a girls weekend! I was so excited to bring all my girl friends home. When we got to Springdale, we went to Guido's Pizza for dinner and met my family there. The next morning we went to breakfast at the Country Club. During the day a few of us we shopping while some had to stay and study. That night we went to the Arkansas baseball game. Sunday we went to church and then wen to Jose's for lunch! It was such a fun weekend with my girls.

Chi Banquet

Chi banquet was really good this year. It was fun to get dressed up. We had pasta for dinner. During the banquet we were delivered letters that our dates wrote for us. Mine from Andrew was so sweet and I will definitely cherish it. I love reading his sweet letters to me! 

Last Weekend in OKC

On Friday Andrew and I moved out of our rooms. That night we went to eat dinner with a group of friends at S&B's. I never heard of it until then but it was SO good. I will definitely be going back there sometime. Saturday we took a trip to Andrew's grandparent's house to pick up a drawer for Ella. We ate lunch there. It was nice seeing his grandparents because I don't get to very often. That night we came back and ate pizza at his house and watched the Thunder game. Sunday we went to church and ate lunch at his house. I finally headed back home. I hated leaving him but I know that Disney is only 31 days away! It is so close and we will be able to have such a great time there!

YAY! I am finally caught up. I'm sorry for all the long posts. No worries, from now on they won't be that long. Well except my Disney one... I'm sure I will have lots and lots to say about that!