I love each day because God chose me, Jesus saved me, and the Holy Spirit guides me daily.

Sunday, May 16, 2010


Well Corey said that I needed to update my blog. So here is it.
My life right now kinda stinks. I mean, I'm still in school and all my friends and family are out. I mean this is horrible. I want summer sooo bad! Like right now, school is pointless. I do nothing in any of my classes... It is ridiculous. I would rather be staying up late and going to hang out at the church with everyone. Not cool at all.
But on the bright side, Corey's homeee! And he will be working with the youth group ALL summer. Its going to be a great summer. And a busy one. I have SO much to do. I have the beach, Uplift, Reno, MSU Volleyball camp, Mission Trip, Green Valley Bible Camp, and then my senior year will start. Hallelujah. Then before I know it. It will be OVER. Then off to OC. Heck Yess.
 Hm. Lets see. Some funny stuff has happened to me over that past two weeks.
First off, I hit a curb at Coldstone.. Not only did I hit a curb, but I kinda broke it off... 
And thanks to Daniel Ryan, I now have a painted curb in my room. (: So about Thursday I think, my family went to Coldstone again. I found where I hit the curb at...

 And here is where I broke it off. I'm so proud... 

So the new girl intern, Amy, is staying with us for like a week till she goes to the house she is staying at for the summer. Well tonight we were headed to church and came to a stop sign. So like a normal driver, I pressed the gas pedal to ya know drive. But nooo my car has to like stop and put put along. I felt so cool with my hazard lights on going 5 mph and having cars go around me.. Hahahah.
Well I really should be going to bed now.. Sadly, I have school tomorrow..

Thats all for now.