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Monday, April 29, 2013

Recap of 2012: January-August

I know what you're thinking, I am the worst blogger in the entire world. But it is true, I'm pretty bad. I was thinking the other day about how I should start back up in the blogging world for all of my many followers who is just DYING to keep up with my crazy and busy life. Okay, let's be real, no one checks this thing anymore, but it's nice to write it all out anyways. Bear with me because this is going to be a super long post. But to make this easier, lets just go month by month.


I started off January by going to the Cotton Bowl with my family and Andrew and they played Kansas State. We went to In-N-Out Burger when we got there and each got shirts! The next day we went to the game. Arkansas beat Kansas State 29-16.

From what I can remember, nothing else really happen in January. I started practicing for my first ever Spring Sing, which was very exciting, but I'll talk about that when I talk about March!


This is like my favorite month. Mostly because it's my birthday month! Yayyy! But also this was my first Valentines Day with a Valentine. :) This month was the basketball championships. Corey was in the B league championship and won!
Here's Andrew in his kilt.
For Valentine's Day, Andrew told me he made reservations for dinner. I got ready and we headed that way. We were driving towards Oklahoma City and started towards the way of his house. We were getting closer and turned down his street. I had no idea we were going to his house until we turned down his street! He surprised me with dinner he made himself. He also got me tulips.

We also had many celebrations for my 19th birthday! I went home the weekend before my birthday and ate at Copeland's with my family and the Hughes'. Then the weekend of my birthday we went to Cheesecake Factory with my family. After that a group of friends went over to a house to hang out and Andrew surprised me with a cake and we celebrated some more.


March was a very eventful month! This was the month for Spring Sing and I also went to Walt Disney World. Spring sing was the first weekend of March. The Freshmen were Peter Pan and Tinkerbell and we placed 6th. I was very proud of our show and heard lots of good things about it. I helped our directors with a lot of  the choreography. Gamma Rho was Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz and Chi Lambda Phi was the Founding Fathers. Chi won 1st place while Gamma won 3rd. The Freshmen got best costume also!

Also during March Andrew and I went to a Thunder Game, went home for a weekend, had our Six Month Anniversary, and took some random pictures in the car.

During my Spring Break, my dad had a conference in Walt Disney World. So of course, my mom and I just HAD to tag along. :) During this trip, we went to Magic Kingdom, Epcot, and Hollywood Studios. My mom rode my favorite ride, Tower of Terror, for the first time! SHE LOVED IT. So we rode it multiple times more. There was also the Flower and Garden Festival going on at Epcot so there was so really cool topiary. And of course during the week I skyped Andrew some too!


This was the last month I was in school! My final month of my Freshmen year. Because of that, there weren't many events that went on. During April I went to Andrew's Grandparents house for Easter. It was a lot of fun spending time with his family. Later on in the month was Chi banquet. It was great and nice to be able to spend it with friends and Corey and Amber. After banquet Corey, Amber, Andrew and I went to Dave and Busters to play games! I also went home for Morgan's birthday and we went to Shoguns. Caitlin and I also studied a lot for Accounting II.


SUMMER. It was finally here. Becca Hill, who was the youth group's summer intern, stayed with us for the summer. I went to Andrew's brother, Preston's graduation, fun girls nights with Morgan, Ozark volleyball cook-out, and went to the lake with a group of friends. Andrew and his friends go to Jordan Lee's lakehouse annually and I had the privilege to go this past summer! The people who went were Jordan, Michael, Danielle, Emily, Rachel, Kaitlyn, Blake, Ryan, Claire and me. It was such a fun and relaxing trip. We laid out, hung out in the lake house, and went out on the boat. Jordan's parents were also there! We cooked most of our food and played games like cards and washers. 

The people who went were Jordan, Michael, Danielle, Emily, Rachel, Kaitlyn, Blake, Ryan, Claire and me. It was such a fun and relaxing trip. We laid out, hung out in the lake house, and went out on the boat. Jordan's parents were also there! We cooked most of our food and played games like cards and washers. 


June is when I started working my summer job at Guido's Pizza. It was nothing special or very fun, but you have to start some where right? It was a good first job for me to have. The first week of June we went to the beach! This was really the only interesting thing that happened in June. We went to Fort Morgan, Alabama. It was my family trip and Andrew got to go along! The Ware's also went with us! It was Andrew's first time to ever go to the beach. I was so glad I could experience it with him! We drove to Alabama and went to the grocery store the day we got there. We got so much food. We did so many different things! I just don't remember all of them since it was so long ago.. Haha. The first night we ate boiled shrimp, corn, and sausage. We also went crab hunting that night. Andrew was so funny while doing this. He was so excited and so into it. 

One of the nights we went to Lambert's Cafe. 

The NBA Playoffs were also going on while we were at the beach. So of course, we had to show our OKC Thunder pride! Thunder were 2012 Western Conference Champions.

Here are some of our family pictures we took out on the beach:


During July we went to the Fabrie-Clift wedding, Andrew came in town, and there was the annual 4th of July golf tournament. And of course I got to babysit my favorite girls, Brooklyn and Mallory.


Oh the final month of summer! I started this month out at Green Valley Bible Camp. I love this camp, as you probably know, and I got to share it with Andrew! It was so cool getting to show him a place that is so special to me. 

The last weekend before I went back to school we took a college trip to Dallas and went to Six Flags.

When I got back from the college trip, I got my wisdom teeth out. Andrew cam here to Springdale to take care of me while I recovered. Morgan and Sarah also visited me!

As soon as I recovered from my surgery, it was time for me to move back to OC for my sophomore year of college. 

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